Posted on Jun 2nd 2015

Hello everyone! Here is the recap of our #GenuitecChat about MyEclipse in case you couldn't join us.

Today we are focusing on and have joining us and - two pillars of the dev team

Q1. 2015 Stable 2.0 and CI 13 were both released recently, what’s the difference in these streams?
A1. The @MyEclipseIDE CI releases are more frequent,typically about 1 release/month, great for new features & for quick fixes.
A1. Stable releases are less frequent,but get polished versions of features & publicly tested fixes that were introduced in CI.

Q2. Is this release based on Eclipse Luna SR2?
A2. Yes, @MyEclipseIDE 2015 is based on #Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2) with #EGit 3.7 and several other core updates.

Q3. What’s new in the server space?
A3. Have re-introduced SOAP protocol for #WebSphere in @MyEclipseIDE with several in-workspace deployment improvements. #javaee
A3. Older users had issues with how the new #Tomcat connector behaved - we listened and it’s all good in the latest releases. #AppServer

Q4. Is the Minimap in @MyEclipseIDE the same as the Minimap in Sublime?
A4. Glad you asked,yup,the minimap in @MyEclipseIDE makes it easier to deal with large source files.
MyEclipse stable stream - Minimap

Q5. Do projects created in MyEclipse 2014 work in MyEclipse 2015?
A5. Yes! @MyEclipseIDE is compatible with projects created in *all* our prior versions.Details:

Q6. What advantages do I get by switching to MyEclipse 2015?
A6. Check these quick @MyEclipseIDE feature vids , #JavaEE #Java

Q7. What changes and improvements have been made in the Web Tools space?
A7. #JavaScript is faster and we’ve added some performance settings.

A7. We also have @emmetio integration for ultra fast #HTML /#CSS / #XML editing. Ionic templates for @PhoneGap projects and an @Ionic palette too.


Q8. What can I expect in the next release of MyEclipse?
A8. For starters, a revamped, modern #JavaScript debugger in @MyEclipseIDE.
A8.. We also have some exciting improvements for rapid server dev & debugging coming in @MyEclipseIDE. #javaee

Q9. For my @Genuitec_SDC hub, can I install either @MyEclipseIDE 2015 CI 13 or Stable 2.0? How do I get it?
A9. You can install either or both. Use the Get Packs button to install the pack you want & you’re ready to go.

Excellent, thank you everyone for joining today's . We look forward to your follow-up questions to after the chat and do not hesitate to check out our MyEclipse 2015 announcement page for the latest on