Posted on Oct 22nd 2013

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that we’re doing a huge promotion in honor of the upcoming Day of the Doctor, wherein we’re giving away a Doctor Who Tardis. In fact, you can click here to enter to win:

One of the coolest gadgets on Doctor Who is his Sonic Screwdriver, a multi-purpose tool the good Doctor uses open doors, complete scans and track alien life. It’s essentially an intergalactic (<--- Don’t click this link, but if you do, put your headphones on!) Swiss-Army Knife, one tool to solve all problems. It’s pretty awesome! What you may not realize is that Genuitec has it’s own Sonic Screwdriver tool called MyEclipse Bling. MyEclipse Bling is a unique blend of technologies, taking the best of all MyEclipse has to offer, adding in advanced Spring capabilities, and mixing in IBM WebSphere connectors to bring Eclipse Java developers a single IDE to meet all your development needs. And we really can meet all your needs - while most companies only have a mix of servers, Genuitec has connectors for over 50 application servers!

MyEclipse Bling 2013 now also includes the full suite of Mobile Tools from Genuitec, bringing HTML5 and jQuery mobile tools to the forefront. Using a unique blend technologies, Bling gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate Spring capabilities (auto-scaffolding, bootstrapping, flex, etc) into your WebSphere environment, while adding in advanced mobile capabilities. With fast integration and rapid prototyping offered in MyEclipse Bling, your applications are up and running in hours not days. Think of it as having your cake, and eating it too….and likely licking the leftover frosting off the plate!

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