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Rocio Trujillo
Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiast.
Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!

Q1 It’s been a while since our last @MyEclipseIDE chat – what came out in the recent @MyEclipseIDE 2015 CI 15 release?
A1. #JavaScript Debugging – you can now debug externally deployed projects, and they don’t have to be #JavaEE
A1. Here’s a screenshot of the new #JavaScript debugging capabilities.
A1. The #REST Explorer will now show input/output #MIME Types, super handy
A1. The enhanced #REST Explorer view:
A1. And these features are available in @Webclipse CI 4 as well!
A1. @MyEclipseIDE supports new #server connectors for @Payara_Fish, @WildFlyAS and #Jetty too

Q2 Were there any improvements to #WebSphere tooling in the recent @MyEclipseIDE update? @IBMWebSphere
A2. Our users asked for the ability to run #WebSphere admin scripts from within @MyEclipseIDE.
A2 You can now run #JACL and #jython scripts in #WebSphere using the new launch configuration wizard
A2. We have also improved WebSphere server state detection – makes #WebSphere support even more robust in @MyEclipseIDE.

Q3. When are the next @MyEclipseIDE and @Webclipse releases?
A3. This week, we’re releasing both @MyEclipseIDE 2015 CI 16 and @Webclipse CI 5.
A3.@MyEclipseIDE and @Webclipse are now being released simultaneously.
A3. @MyEclipseIDE and @Webclipse are now being released simultaneously.

Q4. Nice! Can you tell us what’s coming in these new releases? #genuitecchat
A4. We just started using @SlackHQ internally & have a cool Slack integration feature for #Eclipse devs.
A4. Also, more of our internal tooling – we’re open sourcing the #Gerrit process tooling we use in #Eclipse
A4. Again, the @SlackHQ and #Gerrit tooling features are coming to both @Webclipse and @MyEclipseIDE.
A4. And we’re readying the way for @ES6 support with fundamental #JavaScript improvements and a new integration of Tern Java.

Q5. The @SlackHQ integration sounds super cool, how does it work?
A5. At the end of this week we’re releasing the free Slack for Eclipse! @SlackHQ #eclipse


Q6. Can I install @Webclipse into @MyEclipseIDE?
A6. All @Webclipse features are already in the @MyEclipseIDE 2015 CI stream, so you won’t need to do this 🙂

Q7. @Webclipse has been in the Early Adopter phase for a while. When does it move to production quality?
A7. We’ll be ending the early adopter phase on November 12th.
A7. @Webclipse CI 6 will go out with production quality on Nov 12, ready for prime time usage!
A7. When @Webclipse CI 5 releases later this week, we’ll also roll out the details on our freemium model
A7. Great news is we found a way to give away many features for free! We’re sure you’ll like the plan!

Q8. Are you going to be at the upcoming @EclipseCon? #eclipsecon #europe
A8. Yes! We’ll be at #ECE including giving a talk on our new #Gerrit automation
We’ll see you on our next #GenuitecChat on November 3th
10 am NY, Stay tuned! ?

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