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Posted on Feb 16th 2016 Hello! here is the Genuitec Twitter chat recap! in case you missed it 😉

Q1 For those new to , what’s the difference between the Stable stream vs CI stream?
A1.Stable stream has less frequent updates;the CI stream has new features that while functional, are continuing to be tweaked.
A1. Both the MyEclipse Stable and CI streams are great for regular dev whether doing or more.

Q2 2016 just released with CI 0 – what’s new in this release?
A2. MyEclipse is built on Mars 1 (4.5.1)

A2. We’ve refreshed integrations & updated to new versions of 3rd party tooling that MyEclipse is built onA2. MyEclipse now includes the TM Terminal plugin, which supports both local consoles & remote shells. A2. MyEclipse has 8 improvements, better UI+fixes esp. for high res displays & several performance and usability fixes.

Q3 What improvements have been made to support 8 in 2016?
A3. MyEclipse 2016 ships with and runs on 8.
A3. While MyEclipse 2015 did support 8 development, you had to install a Java 8 / separately
A3. With MyEclipse 2016, the 8 is available w/ the product and will be the default JDK for new workspaces.
A3. There is also improved compiler performance and better support for Lambda expressions.

Q4 Normally and release in tandem – why did MyEclipse 2016 CI 0 go out on it’s own?
A4. The CI 0 release of MyEclipse is principally a porting release to A4. We’re working on several cool new features for the 1st release of Webclipse 2016 CI – they’re not done yet, but “almost”!

Q5 What is planned for the upcoming 2016 CI 0 releases for and ?
Q5 Whoops, meant CI 1 🙂
A5. Scores of new features!For , we’re re-introducing remote connectors & adding 5 support
A5. get source map support in the JS Debugger, better JavaScript and ES6 support
A5. also get Live Preview support to make your front end coding a lot more efficient
A5. MyEclipse / Webclipse 2016 CI 1 are going to be very exciting releases, stay tuned for more updates!

Q6 Coming back to Terminal support for a moment, what remote shells are supported?
A6. , & are supported.

For our moderated questions, that about wraps it up!
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