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Here is the recap of the April 21, 2015 Genuitec Twitter Chat  about persistence and database support in MyEclipse IDE.

For today's #GenuitecChat we had
Srivatsan - QA Manager for @MyEclipseIDE and been working with @Genuitec for over 8 years.  and
Brian Fernandes - Product manager for @MyEclipseIDE here at Genuitec.

Q1. Before getting into persistence items, what’s new in #MyEclipse 2015 CI 12? @MyEclipseIDE
-A1. #JavaScript is faster in @MyEclipseIDE and we’ve added some performance settings.

MyEclipse 2015 CI 12 JavaScript development

& we’re based on #eclipse Luna SR 2 (4.4.2), with a newer integration of eGit, Mylyn and several other core components.
We also have @emmetio integration for ultra fast #HTML /#CSS / #XML editing. http://ow.ly/KUvDp 

@TodoCoders. Q2. What #JPA versions does @MyEclipseIDE support? #java #genuitecchat
-A2. MyEclipse supports #JPA 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1, with @Hibernate, @EclipseLink and #OpenJPA as persistence providers. #JavaEE
Our #JPA diagram editor makes editing #entities and relationships really easy.  #JavaEE #Java #genuitecchat
@AppStoreUploadr . Been using @MyEclipseIDE mobile tools, nice work. I'm planning to start using VM's, how well does MyEclipse work in on vmware?


Q3 @appstoreuploader been using @MyEclipseIDE mobile tools I'm planning to start using VM's, does MyEclipse work in on vmware?
-A3. @appstoreuploadr glad you like @myeclipseide mobile tools! MyEclipse works just fine on #VMWare, several customers use it.

Q4. How can I create #JPA entities mapped to my database w/@MyEclipseIDE? #java
-A4. You can #ReverseEngineer from a #database to code for the #JPA, #EJB3 and #Hibernate frameworks in MyEclipse #JavaEE
If you’re using @SpringFramework, @MyEclipseIDE can generate a Spring layer with beans and spring backed #DAOs. #JavaEE
Use the #JPA details view in @MyEclipseIDE to help with complex #annotations 


For more on #jpa in @MyEclipseIDE - check out our overview: http://ow.ly/LQqW9 

@appstoreuploader. Q5. Thanks for the help. One follow up question, anything new planned for @Ionicframework @angularjs?
-A5. Yes @appstoreuploadr, we have some exciting tooling coming for web developers. Keep watching @MyEclipseIDE for more deets!

Q6. Do you support straight-up #Hibernate as well in @MyEclipseIDE?
-A6.Yes, @MyEclipseIDE has @Hibernate specific tooling like HQL & Criteria editors for Hibernate proj http://ow.ly/Lf1tv   

Q7. Is there a way to build complex #SQL queries without having to remember complex SQL syntax? on @MyEclipseIDE
- A7.Use Visual Query Builder 2 create complex #sql queries visually,not textually http://ow.ly/LvYdY 

Visual Query 

Q8. We have a really complex #Database setup and a lot of #JPA code. Is it easy to add #REST support to the project?
- A8.@MyEclipseIDE 2015 has a wizard that generates #REST web services from #JPA entities.Details: http://ow.ly/KhbeF  #java  https://www.genuitec.com/products/myeclipse/learning-center/ws/exposing-jpa-entities-via-rest-web-services/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=tweet&utm_campaign=myeclipse
Here's a really cool example built using #REST backed by #JPA

ME Web Browser 

Q9. Does @MyEclipseIDE contain advanced entity editing tools? #db #java
- A9. We covered some earlier-MyEclipse supports Annotation Table & Column content assist & #database backed #entity validation
We also have an advanced editor for the #JPA configuration file.  #Java #JavaEE


Q10. Which #ApplicationServers are supported in @MyEclipseIDE? #genuitecchat
- A10.@MyEclipseIDE has @OracleWebLogic @glassfish #WebSphere @JBoss #Tomcat @WildFlyAS +any #JavaEE svr
For more details on #AppServer connectors in @MyEclipseIDE, see http://ow.ly/LQrRc #java #javaee

Q11. What if a particular version of an #ApplicationServer I'm using is not supported yet in @MyEclipseIDE?
- A11. We do update the #servers @MyEclipseIDE supports quite frequently. #genuitecchat #java #javaee
 You can also install 3rd party / #Webtools connector & it will work seamlessly in @MyEclipseIDE.
A11. You can also install 3rd party / #Webtools connector & it will work seamlessly in @MyEclipseIDE.


Q12. Does @MyEclipseODE support #JSF 2.2? #genuitecchat #java #javaee
-A12. Yep, @MyEclipseIDE supports #JSF 2.0-2.2 & 1.1,1.2. Here's an overview: http://ow.ly/LQve6  #genuitecchat #javaee #java https://www.genuitec.com/products/myeclipse/learning-center/web/myeclipse-jsf-development-overview/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=tweet&utm_campaign=myeclipse
The Visual #JSF Designer in @MyEclipseIDE is pretty handy as well.  #javaee


@Genuitec. Excellent- Thank you @brianfernandes @srivatsan_ss for answers Qs about MyEclipse - follow @MyEclipseIDE for the latest #genuitecchat
@BrianFernandes. Cool, thanks! You can hit me up anytime with more questions. Always love hearing from our users :) #genuitecchat

Thanks everyone! We look forward to hearing from you on the next #GenuitecChat on May 5th about GapDebug!

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Posted on Apr 21st 2015