Posted on Feb 13th 2015

By Brandon Batie - Developer Support Advocate

I’m fairly new to MyEclipse, having used it for only about 7-8 months. I tend to jump in and learn as I go, not really reading as much documentation as I probably should. After working with MyEclipse a few months I had developed a number of projects in my main workspace that varied by technology and target user. Managing all of these plugins across different contexts was becoming a pain. I needed a way to manage these projects when a coworker introduced me to Working Sets.

Working sets are a neat filtering mechanism available in most of the project views, e.g., MyEclipse Explorer view and the Java Project view. When you activate a working set, only the projects assigned to it are presented in the project view.

No working setsView with no working set View using working setsView with working set selected

Let’s take a closer look at how to create and use working sets in MyEclipse.

Creating Working Sets

  1. In the MyEclipse Explorer view, click the drop-down menu, and choose Select Working Set.

    Selecting working setsMyEclipse Explorer view menu

  2. Click New.

    Creating new working setsCreating a new working set

  3. Select Resource, and click Next.

    types of working setsSelecting the working set type

  4. Give your working set a name, select the projects you want it to include, and click Finish.

    naming working setsChoosing project to include in the working set

The new “Main Projects” working set now appears in the working set list.


Activating the New Working Set

Select your new working set, and click OK.

selecting new working setsSelecting a working set to display in the Explorer view

Your project view now shows only those projects included in the selected working set!

view using working setsView with a working set selected

Watch how I create this working set for my projects.

Hope this helps you get organized and decluttered!


About the Author
Brandon 0148 small Brandon Batie was raised by Llamas in a small village in Peru, uh, mobile developer Llamas, that is. He now works at Genuitec thinking up and writing mobile app tutorials for MyEclipse. He loves to munch on the latest frameworks and libraries to see what they offer and what might be coming down the road.