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Posted on Jun 20th 2016 eclipse Neon Just a year ago we were ecstatic about the release of Eclipse Mars. Mars came with really great Java IDE features like a hierarchical view of nested projects, the ability to customize perspectives, speed improvements for text search and just a variety of improvements that many of us were excited about. So why is Neon different? Well, Neon includes content from eighty-five Eclipse projects, as opposed to 79 that Mars Included. That’s 6 more! Pretty awesome in showing just how much the Eclipse community keeps growing. Am I right? While we can’t talk about all of them, we wanted to see what developers are saying about this release and which features they consider to be game changers.

“I’m pretty exited about the Java Dev improvements” – A Java Developer.

He was so excited that he forgot the “C” in excited.

“ctrl + shift + ‘+’ Al fin se puede modificar el tamaño de la letra en eclipse con un atajo!” (Finally you can modify font size with a shortcut) – A developer who loves to save time.

Ahh the little things!

#eclipseNeon RC1 is MUCH better than Mars. In fact, let’s never mention Mars again. It never happened.” –A developer who is so over Mars. What is Mars again?

“Wife and kids away for the weekend, time to try out #Eclipse Neon RC1! #geeklife” – A developer, finally single for the weekend.

“so it took me up to “Neon” to realize that the Eclipse naming system is just alphabetical order” – The developer who opened my eyes and is now my personal hero.

  OK, so we’ll work on a blog about comments post release. (Can’t wait). But now without further ado let’s get started with my TOP 10 Eclipse Neon features.
  1. Rename of a field can also update getters/setters. Read more
  2. Null checks simplified with nice templates! Read more
  3. Null annotations simplify writing better APIs and code Read more
  4. Assign all parameters to new fields Read more
  5. Git staging view used instead of commit dialog (phew!)  Read more
  6. Substring code completion Read more
  7. Dark theme styling for StatusDialog Read more
  8. Resolution-based auto-scaling for Retina and HiDPI Read more
  9. Commands and shortcuts to zoom in text editors Read more
  10. Autosave of files (finally!) Read more
Convinced? Download Eclipse Neon 4.6 here!