Posted on Jun 19th 2012

Good news! Get your new version of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 10.5, with the popular "Blue Edition" focusing on the needs of IBM WebSphere developers. The newest release includes support for IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5.

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We've spent quite a bit of time with IBM this year learning where the needs exist in the developer market, like IBM will no longer support WebSphere 6.1 starting at the end of September 2012, but there is still a huge enterprise market developing on this server. With MyEclipse Blue we'll continue to support application development on WebSphere 6.1, while giving you the time you need to switch to WebSphere 7, 8 or now 8.5.

This significant release in the MyEclipse 10 product suite brings our tools beyond current IBM technologies, but without the hassle of IBM's desired upgrade schedule, or the headache of more money and time lost on using IBM Rational tools for application development.

MyEclipse Blue and MyEclipse Professional Editions all received the latest upgrade to Spring 3.1, with MyEclipse Bling forthcoming.

MyEclipse's Spring 3.1 support includes a new comprehensive Java-based application configuration; smart caching abstraction; environment support, including bean definition profiles and hierarchical property source management; support for Hibernate 4; Java 7 fork/join and JDBC 4.1 support.

Back to servers, MyEclipse – in all editions including Blue – now supports the latest Oracle WebLogic 10 and 11 servers so that customers have the most flexible choices for their development needs. In fact, Genuitec's largest customers often have several instances of WebLogic, WebSphere and other more open servers like JBoss or VMware's vFabric tc Server in-house to support their varying application deployment needs. MyEclipse supports 35 different servers to insure that customers can work with whatever server investments they make while standardizing their developers on one universal tool – MyEclipse.

Subscriptions to MyEclipse Blue Editions are available annually for about US $160. MyEclipse Bling is about $250, while MyEclipse for Spring is $149.95 and MyEclipse Professional is $60. For the base package, MyEclipse Standard Edition is about $30.

MyEclipse Blue Edition – the clear alternative to IBM Rational – is available at:

MyEclipse Blue is free for a trial period. Free trial users and those with current subscriptions receive all upgrades and full support at no additional charge.