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dark theme
Introducing the
 Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse.

Finally the wait for a dark theme without limitations, without blurry icons and incredibly easy to set up is over. Most importantly, it’s completely

Go Dark Now!

Why is it important for you to download it? Well, first of all—free. And aside from making your coding environment cooler in a Matrix kinda style, it actually has been proven that dark backgrounds help with eye fatigue. Which means you can code for longer periods of time.

While Eclipse already offers a dark theme, it comes with certain limitations. We specifically attacked those limitations to be able to give you a fully dark theme with an impressive UI very easy to turn on from your preferences. Completely customizable, and with icons specifically designed for a dark background.

I can’t see any reason for you to not download this free plugin, but that’s just me.

Read more here & download

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Posted on Feb 3rd 2017