Important Notice: Changes to the Webclipse Licensing Model

Date: August 15, 2018

Webclipse 1.x features will be included in the next major release of CodeMix, version 2.0. At that time, Webclipse (including Angular IDE by Webclipse) will be rebranded as CodeMix and will adopt the CodeMix licensing model. CodeMix includes the same paid plans as Webclipse, with the addition of a 30-day plan; however, CodeMix does not offer the same free license as Webclipse, which caps usage of Pro features to 8 days per month. Instead, CodeMix offers a free 45-day trial license that gives unlimited access to all features during the trial period.

Existing paid Webclipse licenses will work in CodeMix 2.0. If you remain on Webclipse 1.x, you will continue to be able to use the Webclipse free license through mid-October, at which point you will be transitioned to the 2.0 license model. Existing paid Webclipse customers may continue to use Webclipse with their active license beyond the mid-October transition.

With the next gen architecture in CodeMix 2.0, you’ll continue to benefit from the Webclipse 1.x features you love, plus a wide array of technologies from VS Code and add-on extensions built for Code OSS. CodeMix 2.0 is almost ready!  Learn more about the CodeMix Journey, including what you can expect in the 2.0 release. Questions? Refer to the FAQs.

Webclipse and, more recently CodeMix, has been invaluable for me. It allows me to concentrate on the task without the impedance of changing development tools just to support different technologies. From excellent Angular support to HTML live previews, it’s a one-stop-shop solution for every web development need at every layer of the stack.

Renato Perini

Software Developer, Objectway Financial Software SpA