Posted on Aug 5th 2010

Why should you give MyEclipse 8.6 a look?

Let's put some hard numbers to MyEclipse, picking just ONE feature that raises a lot of customer eyebrows: hot-sync server deployment and application debugging.

MyEclipse allows you to deploy to an embedded Tomcat server, run/test/debug your app all in real time. No stop-start-stop-start-debug-stop-debug-start behavior. We have had customers say this behavior alone can save their developers over an hour per day just waiting for server reboots. At that time cost, the savings are about 250 hours per year, or about seven work weeks. Now I don't know about you, but that's a lot of time I would rather developers spend coding, not waiting around.

 average developer salary (USA) $70,000
 corporate overhead/benefits/taxes $30,000
 total company cost per year/developer  $100,000
 total company cost per hour (100K ÷ 52 ÷40)  $48
 avg hours/ day waiting on servers (based on feedback)  ~1
 average USA work days per year  240
 240 days x $48/day savings =  $11,520
 Expenditure for MyEclipse Professional – $60

 Net annual savings on hot-sync features alone  $11,460