Hello everyone! Here is the recap of our #GenuitecChat about GapDebug in case you couldn't join us.

Good morning and evening! Welcome to today's on
Today we have joining us our technology advocate in the representation of the team. Ana, intro?

Hi guys! our team is working hard on our upcoming release so I will be in rep. the whole team! SO excited!

Thank you and all the team for being here to answear our users questions! Let's start!

Q1. To start off, for those new to SDC, what is SDC? Where can you find out more information?
A1: SDC is a delivery platform for that reduces the amount of time developers spend setting up their tools.
A1: SDC also makes it very easy to find plugins and get new versions of Eclipse.A1: Here you can find all about it.

Q2. We know there’s an upcomming version of SDC SR2. What is NEW there? A2: Well is definitely a big one!With SDC you can deliver 4.5 to your team in a very simple way.
A2: Download SDC , create a package then roll out . Easy!

Q3. What are the changes for for companies delivering to ? A3: There's a change to the Mac application format & some improvements to the marketplace . Goodness all around!

Good question here. Q4. Does support technologies other than ? A4: SDC is running a pilot program to get feedback on SDC's IDEs delivry features

Q5. What IDEs can you deliver from at this time? A5: With , you can deliver & from a private hub

Q.6 If you are new to , is there a quick video or intro doc you recommend to get started?
A6: I recommend the Quick Start Guide. It covers it all! :) And you cover your read quota ;).

Great! That's it for today's q's but feel free to keep asking :) Thank you and team!

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Posted on Jun 30th 2015