Posted on Apr 7th 2014

Service Release 4 for Secure Delivery Center (SDC) 2013 is now available with outstanding support to easily get software packs for your development needs.

Grab the latest version of SDC by clicking the button below.

get_packs_windowGetting Software for Your Catalog Is Just a Click Away.
Finally, you will no longer have to wait around for your system administrator to install the packs you need. Instead, simply install all the packs you need right from your SDC Admin Console.  Now you control your own destiny with the latest Eclipse versions, popular plug-ins, and your favorite software as soon as they're available.

In your SDC Admin Console, simply click "Get Packs" from any of the Secure Packages or Software Collections pages to start integrating the packs you need. It's as simple as that.

Now Further Optimize for System Architectures.

Now if you are one of those truly optimized teams, we know you want to get the most out of every piece of software you deploy. With SDC 2013 SR4, you can now tailor command line and virtual machine arguments down to your system architecture. Yes, you have a kick butt 64-bit desktop and you want to get the most from it. Now you can optimize for each operating system and architecture, maximizing usage of your hardware, yet continuing to make it super simple for your team. You'll be able quickly add argument prefixes that allow you to target installations on 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.

As mentioned before, SDC 2013 SR4 is now available. For those interested in taking SDC for a test run, you can click the download button below to gain access to a complimentary 30-day trial.

Existing SDC users will need to download the new version and open executable file, select the option to "Update Your Installation.