Posted on Aug 11th 2014

myeclipseblueOne of the most asked questions made to Genuitec is “Why Switch to MyEclipse Blue?” It’s a question posed to us at conferences, on the phone and through email by potential customers. We can’t escape this question, nor do we want to as it gives us an opportunity to share the awesomesness of MyEclipse with you.

Here's why our customers have made the switch:

It’s Eclipse Powered Up.
MyEclipse is built on top of Eclipse an we add hundreds of fixes to most Eclipse frameworks that we integrate - so even though it's the same base tooling, you do get a much richer and stabler experience.

Features that Developers Want.
We have a number of features for modern web development that you cannot get with the Eclipse web tools project like REST, PhoneGap, Struts 2, UML, Spring, etc., the list can go on. Many of these features are developed from scratch, in-house, so you certainly cannot get them outside Eclipse. MyEclipse takes the pain out of challenging integrations with third party tools and features.

RADvBlue_placeitRAD Project Migration.
MyEclipse Blue includes an awesome one-click project migration wizard. The migration wizard sets up your RAD project in MyEclipse ensuring that the correct WebSphere runtimes are established and configured.

Support Included.
We provide free support on our forums or via email to all customers. Additional, we offer Advanced Service Agreement options where we can schedule web meetings with your to sort out your problems.

Ready to see how we compare feature to feature against IBM RAD? Check out this feature comparison sheet, here.

Open up your team’s development horizons today with MyEclipse Blue. Click the button below to download a 30-day complimentary trial.