Posted on May 4th 2012

The marketing and sales team is back from a terrific week in Las Vegas with IBM at the Impact 2012  show.  The show itself is huge - like 9,000 attendees huge - with a variety of sessions on everything from servers, to development tools, new technologies and best practices for developers and executives. For the most part IBM focused its efforts on its newest PureSystems technologies and methodologies - think integrated systems with elastic cloud computing  and an appliance tuned workload. That's the newest IBM play in a nutshell.

As for Genuitec, we had the best show that we've ever experienced in terms of lead generation, but more importantly the conversations we shared at our booth. We talked to hundreds of folks interested in learning about how our technologies can ease WebSphere migration. For example MyEclipse Blue is a replacement to IBM Rational tools or it can be an adjunct technology - meaning instead of using Rational for WebSphere development, companies use MyEclipse Blue to create their applications for WebSphere. Between functionality, cost, support and ease-of-use, the case for MyEclipse Blue far outweighs any reasons to use Rational - plus it supports WebSphere 6, which IBM is discontinuing support for very soon.  Folks at the Impact show loved this fact about MyEclipse Blue, because it gives them time to migrate to newer WebSphere technologies without sticking to IBM's rigid timeline for migration.

We also had a very funny comment from an IBM'er on the Rational team who came to tell us we give the Rational sales team a "big freaking headache." We laughed together because he even acknowledged that at $160, MyEclipse Blue is great technology to help with WebSphere sales, and in the end it helps IBM when there are choices for WebSphere development tools.

Another area where current and potential customers found interest was with our Secure Delivery Center (SDC) product. At the booth, we weren't pitching this particular technology hard-core, but folks wanted to know if we had technology to help them manage their IDE installation sprawl. Secure Delivery Center focuses on a "marketplace" approach to software development, much like the Eclipse Foundation, but the marketplace exists inside a company firewall. Developers and executives walked away from our booth with a new way to think about secure software development by using SDC instead of investing in a private cloud for development (SDC is less expensive anyway).

Overall, the show was a great success for us and a confirmation that all of Genuitec product are strategically aligned to give customers the most value at the best price point whether using IBM tools or doing development on their own. The ability to migrate to and from IBM technologies seamlessly address a real-world pain point, and we look forward to helping even more customers take back control of their IT processes.

Here are a couple pics from the show :)