Posted on Oct 29th 2013

Well, to say the least it has been an interesting day here at Genuitec!

First thing this morning (US eastern time), our raffle was promoted by a HUGE Facebook group for Doctor Who fans, The Doctor Who Hub. This group has a presence on both Facebook and Twitter with a staggering audience of over 550,000 folks between the two social channels, and before we could even boot-up our computers the site was flooded with entries for our Doctor Who TARDIS giveaway. In fact, our raffle page instantly went viral with all the Whovian love which resulted in our site crashing.

Now typically, I'd lament about our site crashing, but I cannot seem to do that in this instance. As a Social Media Coordinator, to start my day off by discovering that all of our hard work to promote this raffle on the right social channels has paid off, and paid off BIG TIME, I cannot help but sit back and do a happy dance of gratitude. Thanks to all of you who are participating in our raffle!

I'd also like to take a moment and send off a GIGANTIC THANKS to our friends at Rose Hosting. Without their assistance and the fast, extra server space, and load balancing they provided this morning, we'd never have been able to get our site and the raffle page back up and running as quickly as we did - which was lightening fast.

Thanks all around for the Whovian love!

Here's a tiny sample of what Twitter looked like 2 minutes ago - pages and pages with folks trying to win. Good luck to all!

Doctor Who TARDIS love



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