Posted on Apr 5th 2013

At Genuitec, we are committed to providing you with the best possible products. Part of this commitment means that the services we provide for these products, must also be above reproach. While Genuitec has always strived to meet this commitment to support, it’s always been an area where we clearly had room to grow.

On the heels of the release of MyEclipse 2013, we’re proud to announce the addition of Genuitec Support Services.

As developers, when your tools break down or hiccup, the panic sets in and solutions must immediately be found to get your systems back up and running. You need a solution and you need it fast! We’ve got you covered. Now with Genuitec’s Support Services you have more support options than ever before.

Genuitec Support will now be offered on 3 support levels: Standard, Advanced and Custom.

Our Standard Support is the same support that we’ve offered to you for years, providing you access to our online Support Forums where Genuitec technicians respond directly to your inquiries at no charge. These Forums are staffed by Genuitec technicians, we do not outsource. Thus, when you get a response, you’re getting one directly from a Genuitec Developer or Sales Team member. These Forums provide an online catalog of Genuitec Support, where in all likelihood, your question has already been asked and answered, ensuring that you have a plethora of information at your disposal.

The next level of Support Services are our Advanced Service Agreements. For this level of support, you gain access to our Support Forums with priority response times, collaborative web sessions, annual quality and optimization reviews to ensure you’re getting the most out of MyEclipse, and discounts on Custom Support Services. Advanced Service Agreement pricing is based on the number of existing MyEclipse Licenses you employ. A detailed pricing schedule can be found on our Support page.

Our Collaborative Web Sessions are designed to address product specific support or training concerns and connect you with one of our skilled technicians for up to 2 hours. Advanced Service Agreements include a fixed number of support sessions per quarter which can be scheduled within 72-hours of request.

If you've already renewed your subscriptions for this year, but are interested in getting a quote to add Support Services to your agreement, please email the friendly gals at for a pro-rated quote. Please  provide your Subscriber ID with your email to ensure you are quoted quickly and accurately.

In addition to the Standard and Advanced Support options, you can also opt for Customized Services. These customized sessions are a special blend custom designed for you, for your specific needs and time frames. If you'd like more information on these sessions, please contact with detailed information on your specific concerns.

We are proud to extend these services to you and look forward to learning how we can serve you best.