Posted on Nov 17th 2014

Recently, Apple launched its highly anticipated OS X update, Yosemite. While folks eagerly adopt the update, Apple dealt a heavy blow to developers.

Support for Java 1.6 and subsequently 32-bit software have been terminated. Killed. Destroyed. Kaput.

Whether you’ve already upgraded to Yosemite or are making the update shortly, you’ll need to consider what to do with all your 32-bit Java software. How do you plan on managing this transition?

sdc-loves-osxAvailable today is Secure Delivery Center (SDC) 2015. This latest update to SDC brings intelligent recovery and intuitive migration for projects transitioning to Yosemite. Let us help get your software auto-magically converted over to 64-bit with a few clicks.

Grab SDC 2015 today to stop Yosemite-sized pains before they start.


SDC 2015 is Yosemite-Aware.
SDC 2015 features auto-detection to alert you of any compatibility issues for software using Java 1.6. There’s no guess work. The SDC 2015 hub will tell you exactly which software is incompatible with Yosemite and provide intuitive migration to help you transition to 64-bit. Now you can get your Eclipse IDEs Yosemite ready without the pain and frustration.

Stop the headache of adopting Apple’s Yosemite OS X before it starts, with the powerfully intuitive Secure Delivery Center.

All This and More.
SDC 2015 is more than Yosemite. SDC was made with teams in mind, making management of tools and installs a simple. With SDC, you can quickly grab plugins and tools from the cloud, and even pull in your company-specific tools and secret sauce. SDC helps you package and deliver everything your teams need to start coding on day one into a consolidated package.

SDC means you’re always delivering the right tools at the right time, every time. Your teams are always in sync.

If you’d like to learn more about how SDC can help unify your team, email us at to request a demo. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you the team bliss experience.