We're proud to (finally) introduce the inclusion of Mobile Tools into our Spring and Bling Workbenches, allowing enterprise Java developers access to HTML5 and PhoneGap/Cordova tools for their legacy and new apps.


New MyEclipse 2013 for Spring and Bling takes your enterprise apps to the next level. Grab the Spring workbench if you're interested in adding Spring Scaffolding and Bootstrapping to your projects. Or, for WebSphere developers looking for an adventure, try MyEclipse Bling which perfectly blends your WAS skills with Spring capabilities.

Download your copy today!

Now with the Spring and Bling workbenches, you can take advantage of Genuitec's Mobile Tools - add audio, video, and API elements to your projects to create complex web applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs) and across Linux, Mac and PC desktops. Utilize our sleek HTML5 Visual Designer, allowing you to layout your app visually while Mobile Tools codes your cross-platform design on the back end.

Capitalize further on rapid design and prototyping, with new User template support to create custom app templates for your team and new Mobile Web Simulator with hot-synch technology to showcase image and styling changes instantly to your design.

2013-08-19_2159Take advantage of our one-click technologies with the newly enhanced Maven integration (Learn more about Maven for MyEclipse) and Migration support for RAD projects making RAD projects compatible with your current version of MyEclipse in one easy click.

There's plenty of updated features for you to take advantage of and make your app development experience better than ever.  Of mention:

  • Web Fragments support from project creation to deployment
  • expanded Eclipse library support
  • WindowBuilder Swing and SWT designers
  • embedded Tomcat 7 server and TomEE server
  • updated embedded Derby server (now 10.9)
  • the latest 1.6 JDK - 1.6 update 43
  • WebSphere Portal Server 8.0 support

Schedule a demo with us today and learn how we can make adding Mobility to your Eclipse Java apps smoother and faster than ever before.

Feel like playing in our Sandbox? Download a free 30-day trial now.

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