Posted on Jan 16th 2014

You’ve heard her soothing voice on our videos giving you the latest scoop on all things new and awesome at Genuitec, but have you ever wondered just WHO is the owner of that southern voice?

Her name is Lara, and she’s the Educational Media Developer for our Marketing Team here at Genuitec, though we think of her as our “Oz” behind the curtain.

Lara has been with the Genuitec team for just shy of 3 years and is largely responsible for establishing new and updating tutorials, documents and videos to keep our customers up to date with the latest tips, tricks and helps for our products.

While our very Oz is a quiet sort and prefers to stay safely behind the curtain, she's granted us with a peek behind that curtain which oddly enough turns out to be a closet!

Oz, I mean Lara, is so dedicated to giving lara_closetour customer base the clearest sounding tutorials and videos that she resorted to completing all recordings from her closet.  Here Lara utilizes her clothing as insulation for her very unique recording studio or closet as the case may be to ensure you'll hang on every southern word spoken.

Please rest assured that we've requested that the good people of Oz help her out with a pop-up studio so she can be a bit more comfortable than she appears in this rare snapshot.

Haven't heard the voice of Genuitec yet? Below are a couple of great videos put together by Lara highlighting some of the coolest features and technologies from Genuitec.

- Get to Know Genuitec
- Moving Eclipse To the Cloud
- MyEclipse Value Over Eclipse JavaEE
- Maven and MyEclipse working together