Rocio Trujillo
Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiast.
Posted on Jun 19th 2019

Oh boy, we have had some crazy days and weeks at Genuitec. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we just had one awesome release of CodeMix, and it was a HUGE deal for all of us, especially our Dev team.

As a small company, our Dev team is composed of less than 20 developers. They are so dedicated and passionate about code that it really mattered to them to give you one hell of an experience with CodeMix…and believe me, it shows. Some of them even sacrificed hours of sleep until they were satisfied with the final product, making it our best release so far. 

This update in particular is very special, because our developers worked to integrate features they proposed as real users to make their lives (and yours) easier while coding.

The TOP feature our devs voted as the best was: Live Preview 2.0

The new Live Preview browser pane will display an immediate preview of the application under development, conveniently placed right next to the code you are editing. When working with simple web projects, or web artifacts often hosted on Java EE servers, CodeMix includes an extra mode for Live Preview that gives as-you-type previewing of changes. This feature is superb when prototyping a new app or working through some tricky CSS changes. As you move around the source, CodeMix can even highlight where a given CSS rule is used on the page.

It’s like magic! Live Preview 2.0 is a great feature, and our devs know it:

“Live Preview for sure is the best! It’s really cool to have such an ability during the development.” – Dimitry

“My favorite is of course Live Preview as I got so tired of hundreds of browser tabs before it!” – Tim

“My favorite new feature in this CodeMix release was Live Preview (Heart of CodeMix). Because of this, I believe CodeMix now has marked itself as a complete tool which supports modern web development with lots of features integrated in a single place.” – Ashish

Other features mentioned that often get taken for granted, but are truly game changers in this release:

  • The ability to customize env variables and initial script executed in Terminal+
  • Code folding, the possibility to change values of variables while debugging, and support for Korean characters
  • Improved Context Menu items that give you a shortcut to create files from CodeMix features.
  • Seamless integration with serving applications written in React, Vue, Angular and other common frameworks. With just one click, it just works.
  • Indentation settings are integrated with common ones from Eclipse Text Editor preferences. As a result, there is just one place to configure them for all editors, no matter if it is CodeMix or any other editor.
As you can see, this was a BIG release for a small group of badass developers! We are really proud of the effort, time and sacrifices they overcame to deliver the best product release so far.

On behalf of all the company – THANK YOU so much! Enjoy your summer cooldown.

Thanks to the great team that put this together! 
Aaron, Ashish, Bartek, Brian, Dimitry, Hugo, Janis, Nacho, Oscar, Salvador, Shilpee, Swapna, Tim, Vadim, Vatsan, Wayne, Wojtek

If you want to talk to our devs directly, you can always use the Live Chat right inside CodeMix, whether you are looking for support or just want to say Hi, it’s a great way to stay in touch and be a part of this great project!