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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!
Posted on May 1st 2017

History doesn’t need to repeat itself: the Bubonic Plague doesn’t have to happen in the developers’ world in the XXI century. Your program’s “fleas” can be handled efficiently without causing your app to be gravely infected, and now you will be fully informed about every step we take to bring the remedy your way. Indeed, all the bugs that are reported to us or that we find ourselves, are now made transparent!


At Genuitec a variety of Darkest Dark theme issues, for instance, has been handled through a support forum, but since the beginning of April there is another, improved way — the “Issue Tracker” — to get a healthy coding environment. It’s a live, first-generation problem tracker which links back to the forum where issues are originally reported. You might wonder what’s so wonderful about it.

While the forum is there to provide support, our new transparency portal — the Issue Tracker — goes beyond that. In our forums (there is one for each of our products) we acknowledge the issue and promise to deliver a timely solution, without going into too much detail. On this portal, though, we go the extra mile: bugs are classified by type and priority (you even have a chance to vote on the bug to give it more visibility), and one of the representatives of our support team comes to the rescue. We also clearly show the bug status. When you look there, you can currently see it as one of the following:


  • NEW – submitted but not yet confirmed as a bug.
  • CONFIRMED – it really is a bug, and our team will start working on fixing it.
  • IN PROGRESS – the cure is on its way.
  • IMPLEMENTED – problem solved and a new release is out (you will be able to update your product).
  • REJECTED, DUPLICATE, MOVED – it wasn’t possible to determine the diagnosis, but it went on the record.

Therefore, you can rest assured that not only are you being heard, but that we are also doing our best to remedy the situation.

Even though only the Darkest Dark theme issues have been tackled in our new Issue Tracker portal so far, soon solutions for bugs across our product gamma will be available. Besides, in just a few days, not only will you be able to see the issue solved but also make comments directly there.


That’s not all! An even more efficient treatment is on its way (to be available this month) — you will be able to report a bug directly in the Issue Tracker, and the process will flow more smoothly than it does in the forum. Not only that, next it will be possible to report bugs on all of our products, not just the Darkest Dark: you will see an option for the category of the product you need in order to classify the bug appropriately — Webclipse, Angular, MyEclipse, etc. — so that it can be taken care of more efficiently.

It doesn’t stop there, though! The Issue Tracker’s mission it not only to keep a record of bugs but to also present new features, and to do so for all our products. You will no longer be left in the dark as to whether a characteristic you’ve been envisioning will become part of our product family.

In the end, the support forum will still exist, so you can always use it to voice your concerns there, but we want to provide you with more than one treatment method to kill the infection at its roots. Not only do we want you to be fully informed about the bugs that are being reported and what we are doing to fix them, but also to be alerted about all the amazing new features we are working on to add to our products. Your healthy and smooth web development is our priority, and now you will have it under your fingertips. The Issue Tracker can be accessed directly from our home page instead of having to go through a bug that has already been reported in one of the forums.