Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Jun 7th 2017

The magic continues — CI 6 is has just come out, bringing more software updates that offer continuous improvement to our tooling. Even though some breaks in CI 5 affected just a few users, we’re taking this opportunity to add a series of incremental features to make everyone’s experience pleasant. This release brings the betterment of Angular and TypeScript (TS), Darkest Dark, as well as Evergreen controls.

Nowadays it’s essential to have your Angular IDE and TS running at their best. Thus, CI 6 includes ameliorated CLI support, Node and NPM, refactoring, TSLint 5, plus some other fixes.

First of all, your new projects now receive the support of the latest stable (1.1.0) and beta (1.2.0) CLIs. Also, it’s now possible to choose from pre-installed versions of Node and NPM, including the most recent versions of NPM (even though there seem to be some issues with NPM 5.x and Angular). 

The fifth version of TSLint provides new perks too: through our new properties page, the version of TSLint used to validate your project can be chosen explicitly.

In terms of rename refactoring, now folders can be handled too, and both files and folders can be moved, with corresponding imports receiving automatic updates.

Some other fixes are part of this release:

  • No more odd issues with the auto-insertion of braces, a regression in CI 5.
  • No more failure, with specific environments, in creation/serving Angular projects (with various “command not found” errors).
  • Projects which have their tsconfig.json file can now be imported without any issues.
  • In projects using Angular 2.x and TypeScript 2.2, the false negative, “Pipe signature not found” now works.

Even greater control is in your hands now thanks to the new option in Evergreen controls. If you are not a big fan of automatic updates when it comes to the most recent compatibility fixes, they can be turned off via Preferences.

If you want to still receive them manually, just use the Help > Webclipse > Check for Updates… or, Help > Check for Updates… actions.

Your favorite Darkest Dark theme just got better too! It now includes Simply White and Pastel tones, which gives you even more control over the looks of your coding environment.

The icon library has also grown enormously (more than 750 replacement icons) thanks to bettmaeyer, Lukasz, and others. Besides, some more editor themes are bundled now.

All of this goodness is now available to you in an effort to continuously improve your developer’s life. It doesn’t stop there, though. We’ll be busy working on more releases, as always.