Our MyEclipse Team has been cooking up IDE awesomeness since summer, and we’re proud to share that we’re are very close to the GA release of MyEclipse 2015.

Over the last couple of months we’ve added some amazing new technologies, features and capabilities to the MyEclipse 2015 Continuous Integration (SI) stream. In fact, you can review what’s already added by checking out our delivery log. We’ve still got a couple more incredible things to share before we go to GA in January.

Today, CI 7 is available and bringing you a richer integration of PhoneGap and other technologies to smooth out the development to build cycles.

MyEclipse-buttonOnce you’ve started a PhoneGap project, you are able to build using default application configuration settings. The improved PhoneGap Configuration editor makes it super easy to customize your app configuration with preferences, icons, splash screens and more.


In the vein of speeding up productivity, we’ve added a boost to our MyEclipse Explorer. Now when you use the explorer’s filename search feature you’ll have a faster, more efficient experience. In addition, you can enable deep dive searches from your settings to allow the MyEclipse Explorer to search within files, not just the filenames.

Maven tools have an impressive ability to help with lifecycle management. However, maybe you don’t need the complete capabilities of Maven - only dependency management. Now, MyEclipse lets you isolate Maven’s dependency management and use only that capability for your projects with the Maven Support - Dependencies Only facet.


A new server connector has been added to the dozens available in MyEclipse. Now, you can deploy your applications to TomEE v. 1.7.


Lastly, for this release we've included initial support for Angular JS. This includes project and general properties for Angular JS, content assist, and a new Angular Explorer view. We're excited to start supporting Angular JS and you can expect more support to be added further into the stream. 

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Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thanks to Angelo Zerr, whose Tern.js and Angular JS plugins are the basis for our support of these technologies. Thank you!

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