Anabella Watson
Marketing & Social media lead. Loves tacos.
Posted on Feb 10th 2016


Developers are from Mars (MyEclipse now is too)

Just when you think MyEclipse can’t get any better, we go ahead and make it to Mars. Recently we announced the launch of MyEclipse Stable 3.0. MyEclipse 3.0 came loaded with hot new features, among them Slack integration, Gerrit workflow automation, a new breadcrumb toolbar, along with fixes and enhancements to core areas improving server support for WebSphere and updating PhoneGap. Well, MyEclipse 2016 CI 0 is now out with the same core features but now on top of Eclipse Mars.


Stay tuned for our upcoming first major additions in CI 1 in a few weeks. I know. I know what you must be thinking… “I barely recovered from the MyEclipse CI 0 release and now a new major release?” Well, what can we say? We like to have cool tech for you out the door very—and we mean very—frequently.

Can’t wait to hear more?  How about things like live previewing of web page changes or JavaScript ES6 support, just to name a couple!  We can’t wait for 2016’s first features to hit the wire in CI 1 and I’m sure you can’t either!