Posted on Jun 24th 2015


The day is here. This June 24th. 2015 marks an important part of the history of Eclipse and of course we wanted to be part of it. Many of you have been waiting for this release and we can’t blame you, after all Eclipse Mars comes with awesome features that you probably wouldn’t want to miss.

Eclipse Mars is bingin’ sexy back, and by sexy we mean Customize Perspective Dialog and Reset Perspective. Remember when you were able to configure the visible menu, toolbar, action sets and shortcuts and suddenly you were not able to do that? Well now you can do it again.



Eclipse Mars is welcoming you to the dark side with their improved look for forms based editors in the dark theme-Everybody loves the dark theme! Am I right? I know I am.



Now you see it, now you don’t...Eclipse Mars includes Transparent background for Control - I must say this is a phenomenal feature because you can make UIs like the Secure Delivery Center's Admin Console without lots of extra work.

If you or anybody you love is an RCP developer, please pass this info as Eclipse Mars comes with UI responsiveness monitoring and this is valuable info for their product improvement.

These are some of the features that definitely got our attention, but there are many more you will definitely want to try.

Now run and grab Eclipse off of the Genuitec download servers to quickly start taking advantage of all the benefits of the Eclipse 4.5.0 Mars release!


If you are managing or are part of a team and want to give Eclipse Mars a try, give us a couple days. Our SDC team is working really hard on being able to provide you and your team with Eclipse Mars. In fact how about you go ahead and download SDC in advance, when we are ready we will let you know so you can get your team ready! I assure you we will make your wait worthwhile.