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Dani Faris
Summer intern at Genuitec! I am using their products DevStyle, CodeMix and Angular IDE to create projects in different programming languages such as Python and Angular. Providing a new user experience for other developers as well as insight to help facilitate optimal development and learning. Stay tuned...

“Become a programmer!” – this has been my dream ever since I realized the pivotal role developing has in creating new technologies that could change the world and positively impact those around me. My name is Danielle and I am the summer intern at Genuitec! I am going on to my fourth week here and am so excited to start sharing my personal thoughts and experiences each week, as I continue to personally grow and further my education as a STEM student.

I will be a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas this fall and must admit… the real world anxieties are definitely starting to settle in. I knew that this summer was crucial for me to really explore and learn more about myself and what I really wanted to do with Computer Science.

Communication from the Start – the Only Way to Go!

When I first heard about this internship I was both excited and scared. As a new developer, meeting with professionals that had years of experience seemed very intimidating, but being transparent with them allowed for us to come up with goals and objectives that benefited the both of us. And the best advice I can give to other students as they start to focus on their personal career is to BE TRANSPARENT. Interns aren’t expected to know everything and internships are here to help you, to challenge you, and immerse you in a plethora of information and resources that are again… only here to help you.

Diving into Team International

My first week, I was plugged in to Genuitec’s communication platform and was immediately welcomed by employees from all over the world. Right from the start it was easy to tell that I would be working at a cool place with a ton of awesome and talented people. I began working with two of their products, DevStyle and CodeMix, and although still fairly new to them, I hope to share my experiences that will only help any future developer reading this blog.

Let the Process Begin

Learning programming languages and how to develop applications doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process if you want to do it right and really get the most out of what you’re learning. We started with long-term objectives that mapped onto the marketing team’s current objectives, set measurable goals and then built a tactical plan. Each step of the way, we re-evaluate, edit and keep on planning to help measure and optimize my intern experience as I go.

Being an intern at Genuitec has already been so incredibly rewarding! I can’t wait to continue to share what I learn and experience through this internship and hope to help all of my fellow noob developers, optimize their learning and personal growth

A Day with Dani: Getting Started Tips for New Developers

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Posted on Jun 21st 2018