Accessing Installers & Checking Installer Status

When you promote a package, you can see on the Timeline tab which installers are available. If you promote an existing package without building installers, it is possible to have out-of-date installers. The Timeline tab shows the status of installers and allows you to update them.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Access package installers
  • Rebuild outdated installers

1. Access Package Installers

  1. Open the package from the Software Details page, and click the Timeline tab. The Live page displays the package status and a list of the installers available.

    Promotion status for a package

    The Package Availability section lists each of the installers created by the promotion or installer build. The installers you see are based on the access policy of the package. The list might include a link to the portal web page, and a network-based and bundled installer for each of the platforms you allow in the access policy. If you defer the installer build when promoting an update, the Package Availability section indicates the installers are out of date until you rebuild installers.

    Out-of-date installers
  2. To access network-based and bundled installer files, select the installer, and click copy_url_icon to copy the installer file URL to the clipboard. If the package has not yet been promoted, a message appears indicating that no promotion has occurred.
  3. To access the installer on the portal, double-click the Web-install Flow installer.
The Package Status section indicates the overall status of the package and status details, such as product and installer versions. The status also appears in the software list on the Software Details page.

The Changes section displays changes to the package to be committed or promoted. If a promotion fails, this section also displays details of why the promotion failed so you can correct the errors.

The Package Problems provides further information if a promotion fails. You can right-click the window, and click Copy from the menu, and then paste the messages into a document so you can see what issues need to be resolved.

Note: If you use an SMS system for silent installation, a bundled or network installer is what you use to interact with the SMS system. In the Package Availability section of the Timeline tab, double-click Distribute via SMS to view instructions for delivering silently to your users.

2. Rebuild Outdated Installers

If you deferred installer build when promoting an update, click Build in the top right to build the installers, or click build_installer_icon. The Package Status section shows the last time installers were built.