Adding an On-Demand Package to an Eclipse Installation

Secure Delivery Center administrators can configure security policy and custom Marketplace settings for existing Eclipse installations. These settings are packaged into what’s called an On-Demand package. This tutorial describes how end users incorporate an On-Demand package into their Eclipse.

You will learn how to:

  • Install an On-Demand package
  • Access a custom Secure Marketplace

1. Install the On-Demand Package

  1. Open the package’s portal page, and click Copy to copy the update site URL to the clipboard.

    Acquiring the update site URL
  2. In the Eclipse IDE, select Help>Install New Software.
  3. Paste the URL into the Work with field, and click Add.
  4. Enter a name for the Repository, and click OK.

    Adding a repository
  5. Select the software, and click Next.

    Selecting the on-demand software package
  6. Click Next again, accept the license terms, and click Finish.

    Installation progress
  7. Restart Eclipse when prompted.

Note: If Drag-to-Install is enabled for the package, you can drag the Install button on the portal page to your running Eclipse installation.

Using Drag-to-Install

2. Access the Custom Secure Marketplace

When an On-Demand package includes a custom secure software Marketplace, you can access it for installing approved team software.

  1. Select Help>Install from Catalog.
  2. Select the custom catalog name from the drop-down.

    Selecting your custom Marketplace Catalog
  3. Select the software you want, and click Install.