Administering Packages from the Web Portal

Beginning with SDC 2017, many administrative tasks available in the Admin Console are now also available in the web portal. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the following in the web portal:

  • Log in as a system administrator
  • Edit packages
  • View usage reports
  • Download administration tools

1. Log in as an Administrator

To edit packages in the web portal, you need to log in as a user with System Admin rights. If a user is assigned Portal Access rights, they will also be able to see the Reports and Setup options after logging into the portal; however, they will not be able to edit the packages.

  1. Access the web portal.

    Accessing the web portal
  2. Click Login from the Secure Delivery Center toolbar.

    Logging in
  3. Type a user ID that has System Admin rights.
  4. Type the password.
  5. Click Log In. Reports and Setup are added to the toolbar.

    SDC toolbar

2. Edit Packages

After logging in as an administrator, you can make certain edits to packages directly from the portal.

  1. Select a package from the Home page.

    Viewing package details
  2. Click Edit.

    Editing a package

  3. Edit package details, including software, workspace tasks and the version. Advanced editing must be done in the Admin Console.
    To add software or workspace tasks click sdc17plus in the appropriate section.
    To remove software or workspace tasks click sdc17minus in the appropriate section.
  4. Click Save Draft to save your changes.
  5. Click Preview to confirm the changes are correct before promoting.
    Previewing changes
  6. Click Promote to make the changes available to users.

3. View Usage Reports

After logging in with system admin or portal access rights, you can easily view usages details.

  1. Select a package from the home page. View the Usage Metrics for the package at the bottom of the page.

    Viewing usage metrics for packages

    Note: You have the option to allow all users to view usage metrics. To make these metrics public, select Show package usage graph on portal on the Access Policies page and then commit, promote and build all packages using the access policy.

  2. Click Reports from the Secure Delivery Center toolbar to view SDC usage information. You can view the overall usage trend or select usage per license.

    Viewing SDC usage metrics
  3. Click Setup. This page includes additional usage information including hub installation details and a history of changes.

    Viewing SDC details from the Setup page

4. Download Administration Tools

To perform additional administrative tasks not available from the portal, you will need the Admin Console. You can download the Admin Console and the Signing Agent from the Setup page of the web portal.