Creating a Marketplace Catalog

You can create marketplace catalogs of third-party software that include team-specific software for distribution to those teams. Catalogs make software available to users if they want to install it. A default catalog is included with SDC that includes all available third-party software.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create a new catalog
  • Add catalog branding
  • Add software to a catalog

1. Create a New Catalog

  1. Click Secure Marketplaces under Software Collections in the Admin Console navigation.
  2. Click addIcon to add a new catalog.

    Adding a Secure Marketplace
  3. Enter a catalog name, and click OK.

To quickly review the software exposed in a marketplace catalog, select the catalog and review the list of software in the Selected Marketplace Preview section.

To delete a marketplace, select the marketplace, and click remove_icon.

2. Add Catalog Branding

When setting up a new marketplace catalog, you can include branding information, such as a name, description and an icon for identifying the catalog. The catalog overview page also displays popular software statistics and metrics and trends.

To add a branding icon (64×64 pixels), drag an image from your file explorer to the Marketplace logo, or click searchIcon to locate the file. To remove the image file, click remove_icon.

Catalog overview

The Other Secure Marketplaces area lists the other marketplace catalogs available. By selecting other marketplaces in this list, you make these other catalogs available in Eclipse’s list of available marketplaces, and thus to end users.

3. Add Software to the Catalog

On the Marketplace Catalog tab, all third-party library software is listed in either the Software Available in Catalog section or the Software Not Available section. By using these two sections, you can manage which software appears in a given catalog.

  1. Click the Marketplace Catalog tab.

    Marketplace Catalog tab
  2. Select software in the Software Not Available list, and click add_to_catalog_icon_vertical to add software to the catalog. If you want to add all the software from the Software Not Available list, click add_all_to_catalog_icon_vertical.

    Adding software to a catalog
    To remove software from a catalog, select the software in the Software Available in Catalog list, and click remove_from_catalog_icon_vertical. Click remove_all_from_catalog_icon_vertical to remove all software.
  3. Select the Include New Software Automatically checkbox to automatically add new software as administrators add it to the third-party library. When enabled, catalogs in use by packages will have new library imports, or newer certified popular pack versions become available for packages allowing dynamic catalog updates without needing to promote or commit the marketplace again.
  4. To include software in the catalog’s featured list, select the software, and click set_default_icon. Clicking remove_from_featured_icon removes selected software from the featured list. Alternatively, select or deselect the Feature Software in Marketplace checkbox in the Selected Software Details area. If you do not manually add software to the features list, you can select the Auto-fill Featured Software List to have SDC automatically fill the features list with software in the end-user catalog.
  5. Control the exposed software version by selecting the library version in the Selected Software Details area.

    Selected software details
After a Secure Marketplace catalog has been created, you can include it in any package to be distributed to end users.