Taking a Snapshot of a Live Package

If you have a current version of a package that you might want to re-promote after subsequent promotions occur, you can save it as a snapshot. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Take a snapshot and access on the portal
  1. Click a package’s Timeline tab. If installers are out of date, click build_installer_icon on the Live tab to build updated installers.

    Before a promoted package will appear as a snapshot candidate, installers must be up to date. Therefore, before promoting an update to a live version, be sure installers are built, and then take a snapshot if you might want to install the current version at a later date.
  2. Click Snapshots.

    Viewing available version snapshots
  3. Select Current Version, and click addIcon to take a snapshot. To remove a snapshot, select the snapshot, and click remove_icon.
  4. Enter a title and description of the snapshot, and click OK.

    Note: The current version available for snapshot is the most recently promoted version with updated installers. If your live version does not have up-to-date installers, the snapshot will not be of your live version.
  5. To install a snapshot, select the package on the portal page. Snapshots are listed under Previous releases in the Downloads section of the page. Click sdcrightarrow to expand the list. 

    Note: Snapshots appear on the portal page for the group(s) associated with the package.
  6. Click the snapshot you want to install.

    Snapshots show in the Previous releases list in the Downloads section