Testing a Package Before Rollout

As you put a software package together, you can test the package locally before making it available to end users. Make changes to the software you include, for example, and test the generated installer until you are satisfied that it is ready for rollout.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the testing lifecycle, including:

  • Verifying software
  • Building a test installer
  • Installing the product for testing

This is the point in the delivery cycle at which you test the software installation, make changes to the package, if necessary, and verify and build again.

Note: This type of testing is not required, and therefore not available, for on-demand delivery packages.

  1. Click a package’s Testing tab.

    Verifying, building, and installing for testing purposes
  2. Click Verify to validate the software you included with your package, confirming compatibility.

    Note: If verification fails, the History Entry Details displays the verification issues. You can right-click the window, and click Copy from the menu, and then paste the messages into a document so you can see what issues need to be resolved.
  3. Click Build to build the installer for the package you created. This is a local network-based installer you use to test your build.
  4. Click Install to install the build by following the prompts in the Installation wizard.
  5. Enter notes in the Notes section that are helpful for you or other testers during the testing phase. These notes appear only on the Testing tab.