Checking for Updates to Third-Party Libraries

You have the option to have the Admin Console automatically checks for any updates to your already imported third-party libraries. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Check for Third-Party Library Updates
  • Disable Automatic Update Check for libraries
  • Configure Proxy Settings

Check for Third-Party Library Updates

The Admin Console now automatically checks for any updates on your already imported third-party libraries and offers to apply these updates while your Admin Console is running.

Library Updates Available dashboard notification

You can apply the updates later from the Libraries list on the Third-Party Library page. A down arrow appears next to the libraries that have updates available. To apply the update, select the library and click the Advanced tab. In the Available Updates section you have a button to apply the update and a button to manually check for updates of the selected library.

Updating libraries from the Third-Party Libraries page

Disable Automatic Update Check for Libraries

You can also disable the library update check per library as shown on the above image. Or, to disable the update check for all libraries, select System from the Admin Console, and modify the setting on the Global Settings tab.

Global settings for Third-Party Library Update Checks

Proxy Configuration

To configure proxy settings for the library update check, click Third-Party Libraries under Software Collections in the Admin Console navigation. A new Configure proxy button has been added to the Libraries section.

Configure Proxy button added to Libraries section

Click the button to set the proxy information to be used to check for library updates and select the proxy if required.

Setting up the proxy server