Updating a Third-Party Software Version

When an update to third-party software is made available, you can create an updated version of the library, which does not replace the original version. Therefore, you can allow the use of different versions of library software.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Add a new software version to a library
  1. Click Third- Party Libraries under Software Collections in the Admin Console navigation.
  2. Select an existing library and a version, and click addIcon in the Library Versions section.
  3. Add or remove update sites or select dependencies, if necessary, and click Next. If you are updating a binary file library item, select an updated file to include.
  4. When you complete the wizard, the updated library version is imported and appears in the Library Versions list. To remove a library version, select the version, and click remove_icon.
  5. To update a package with the new third-party software version, select the software in the Selected Extra Software section of the Software tab, and choose the version you want to apply to the package.

    Selecting a third-party software version

Any time you add a new library version from an update site, a mirror image of the update site is placed on the delivery hub machine; therefore, when you add the software to a package, the software is installed from the delivery hub rather than from a site outside your firewall.