Viewing Package History & Restoring an Archive

Committing a package saves it to the delivery hub machine. Each time you commit and promote, an entry is made in the change history, and an archive is saved. If necessary, you can revert to any archive in the history.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • View package history
  • Restore an archive

1. View Package History

  1. Click one of the Secure Packages in the Admin Console navigation.
  2. Double-click the package you want to view.
  3. Click the Timeline tab, and click Promotions.
  4. Select a promoted version in the Promotions area to view details of the promotion, such as the promotion comments, who promoted the package, and promotion and installer dates.

    Viewing promotion history

    Changes between promotions are listed in the Changes Since Previous Promotion area. You can also view extra software and workspace tasks included in a promotion.

2. Restore a Package Archive

  1. On the package’s Timeline tab, click Full History.
  2. Select the archive to which you want to revert. Be sure to review the information in the Overview of Commit and Details of Change sections before you revert.

    Commit and promotion history
  3. Click restore_version_icon in the Overview of Commit section. Restoring a version restores it locally.
  4. Commit the changes to allow all administrators to view the restored package. If you decide you do not want to use the restored version, you can click Revert Changes on the Local Changes page to return to the latest version found on the delivery hub machine.
  5. Promote the changes if you want the reverted version to be distributed to your end users.