Adding JAX-WS Libraries to Your Build Path

If you use servers like Jetty or Tomcat, you will need to deploy JAX-WS Libraries with your project. 

This feature is available in MyEclipse.

If you are deploying a Web Service project to a server that is fully compliant with the Java EE version of your project, you should be ready to deploy with no further changes to the libraries. However, there are some common servers, like Jetty or Tomcat, that do not implement the entire Java EE spec and need the JAX-WS libraries deployed with your project.

In MyEclipse, this process is made easier by including the JAX-WS RI (Metro 1.1) with the embedded MyEclipse Tomcat server so your web services run out of the box on MyEclipse Tomcat. If you plan to deploy to an external server that does not provide the JAX-WS libraries, you need to follow the steps below on how to augment your build path to include them (so they are deployed). You can also install the JAX-WS libraries directly into your application server’s /lib folder if you don’t want to add the libraries to your project; check your Application Server’s documentation for more information.

  1. Right-click the project, select Properties, select Java Build Path, and click the Libraries tab.

    Project libraries properties

  2. Click Add Library, select MyEclipse Libraries, and click Next.
  3. Scroll down, and select the JAX-WS library container to be added to your project’s build path, and click Finish. Click OK to close the Properties window.

    Selecting libraries to add to the build path

The JAX-WS libraries are included in the project’s build path, and they will be deployed along with the project to your app server.

Project structure with JAX-WS libraries