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    Brian Fernandes

    We are aware of the following issues in 2014. Given our current development targets, a fix for these issues will be available in the 2015 EA release due towards the end of May 2014. A 2014 SR1 release, to be released post 2015 EA will include fixes for these issues. Both 2015 EA and 2014 SR1 will include Java 8 support.

    Several of these issues are, unfortunately, regressions and you may go back to using 2013 SR2 if these are of significant concern to your team. We regret the inconvenience caused but our team believes that focusing on a solid 2015 release is the best way to assist our customers. For more details on the 2015 release, please see this post.

    • JPA performance issue
      There can be a significant slow down when the JPA tooling refreshes the JPA model.
    • JS performance issue
      In some cases, with a large number of JS resources in the workspace, your the IDE slows down significantly.
    • Matisse missing from primary myeclipse distribution
      Matisse will be added back in the 2015 release.
    • Evaluation of expressions & conditional breakpoints not working during Debug of deployed applications
    • Spring Validation settings not persisted
    • CDI support error when deploying to WebSphere
    • New reports projects cannot be deployed due to signing issue
    • MyEclipse hangs on OS X when disabling validators
    • Packaged deployments incorrectly marked as needing redeployment on workspace restart
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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