Build 16.0.0-20190403 is incredibly slow

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    Vesrion CI 2019.4.0

    How are people working with this product anymore. Debug is incredibly slow and overall it is slow. I mean seconds in debug at certain points. The box I have has 12GB win 10 – and I write now I am running sandbox type stuff.

    I read a month or so ago where people said that the new builds were slow – what is the goto build or download for best stable and fastest? It cannot be something from a 2017 version? How is that even offered on the site???


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    Sorry to hear about the slowness.

    Can you please give us some more details to help us investigate further?

    1) Are you seeing the slowness only during Debug? Is the IDE startup and other actions fine?
    2) Did you happen to notice anything running in the progress view or progress bar area when you initiated the Debug?
    3) Can you get a couple of thread dumps while the debug is slow? That will help us figure out processes are running and possibly taking time. To generate a thread dump please run
    jstack -l 9000 > dump1.txt
    (replace 9000 by the PID of the MyEclipse process).
    4) On another note – recent changes in Windows defender could be affecting the performance of your MyEclipse installation. So, if you have it active, I would also recommend reading the article below and excluding your MyEclipse installation, as well as your workspace and / or directories containing your projects from Windows defender just to ensure it isn’t slowing things down for you:


    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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    Brian Fernandes

    Hi, just checking in again on the report of slowness with MyEclipse. Were you able to resolve the issue, perhaps with the changes suggested in the Windows Defender blog post?

    While there are a couple of reports of performance issues, these are issues we have been unable to reproduce locally, and would love to investigate further and fix. MyEclipse 2019.4.0 has fixes that make it faster than prior versions, not slower – so if you are seeing performance problems, this is not the norm – please let us know and we’ll get them addressed. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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