Certified Popular Software Pack has no update past 2017?

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    We are using Eclipse SDC 2019.12 and trying to upgrade from older Eclipse packages. We are not finding a Software Pack for Certified Popular Software newer than 2017. Was this discontinued? Should we use third-party libraries and sites to update popular software?


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    I think the answer is — yes, most of our customers have moved to managing third-party software themselves as they have more explicit control over versions. That we did not see high downloads of the popular packs and de-prioritized the update of it. That said, if helpful we can get an update scheduled for next month once the majority of the 2020-06 plugin updates have been made.

    In addition, in recent versions of SDC we allow you to import Third Party libraries directly from the marketplace, which also make it easier to manage how you import software on your Delivery Hub. Import Third Party Libraries

    Best Regards
    SDC Support

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    Thanks Ignacio, I figured that was the case. I understand the mechanism for pulling from the Marketplace or manually configuring Third-Party libraries well, I was already using that for some plugins not in the Marketplace.

    Not sure it is that important to have an update at this time.

    Alex Volanis

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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