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    I got this probem when i try to add plugin to phonegap project :
    “Problem while getting Cordova plugin details
    Can not retrieve plugin information for nl.x-services.plugins.toast. Please check network connection.
    Connection timed out: connect”

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    I am afraid you are seeing a known issue. The Apache Cordova core plugins registry and source has been changed and the Add Plugin wizard does not reflect the changes.

    You can install the Cordova plugins using either of these ways:

    1. Using the GIT url. Switch to the GIT tab in the Add Plugin wizard and specify the GIT url for the plugin. You can search for the plugins you want to install and get the corresponding GIT url from here : http://cordova.apache.org/plugins/

    2. You could click “Download Zip” from github, unzip the downloaded file and then, switch to the Directory tab in the Add Plugin wizard and point to the unzipped folder.

    Please make sure that the version of the plugin being added is supported by the PhoneGap build.

    I could install the nl.x-services.plugins.toast plugin to a PG project by adding the following xml to the config.xml :

    <gap:plugin name="nl.x-services.plugins.toast" source="plugins.cordova.io" version="2.5.2" />

    as per the instructions in this thread :


    Since the Apache Cordova core plugins registry and source has been changed to npm from plugins.cordova.io, remote build will fail for the plugin. Only local build will work with the above xml. ‘

    I could get the remote build to work when I add the following to xml (note the older version of the plugin and the change in the source):

    <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-x-toast" spec="2.3.2" source="npm" />

    It looks like a known issue with the newer versions of the plugin in the npm as per this thread : https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-xdk/topic/607578

    Here is the plugin catalog in npm : https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-x-toast

    Hope this helps. Apologies for inconvenience caused. Let us know how it works for you.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Hello,how can i recognize the corresponding GIT url (i could not find it)?

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    The corresponding GIT url is : https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin.git
    The GIT details are mentioned in this thread :

    As per the above link, you can also use the following xml :

    <gap:plugin name="nl.x-services.plugins.toast" source="pgb" spec="2.0" />

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

    MyEclipse Support

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