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    Brian Fernandes

    After enabling the DevStyle enhanced startup experience, if you are unable to launch Eclipse with a “Specified path is invalid” error, or any other issue, you will have to disable the startup experience.

    In the Enhanced Startup dialog, please click the “Use Classic Eclipse Startup Dialog?” link, and then “Use Classic dialog” in the confirmation dialog that pops up. This will revert to the regular Eclipse behavior with which you should be able to start your workspace.

    Cannot launch workspace

    If, by some chance, the Enhanced Startup dialog isn’t showing up either, open the <EclipseInstallDir>/configuration/.settings/com.genuitec.eclipse.startup.prefs file and change the useNewStartupDialog property to false, or add a useNewStartupDialog=false line if this property is not already present.

    Note that there were issues in the first release of 2017 CI 8 which prevented workspaces with a period in the path from being opened. Thanks to timely responses from our community, a subsequent hotfix to CI 8 was released, which fixed these problems. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused – the current version of CI 8 does not have this issue, so if you experienced this problem we recommend allowing your installation to update to the fixed build (or manually check for updates, using Help > Webclipse > Check for Updates) before re-enabling the Startup Experience.

    For any related problems, please share with us the Workspace error log, which you can find at <WorkspaceDir>/.metadata/.log or the log from <EclipseInstallDir>/configuration/1504......log

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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