Eclipse 3.2 is out!

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    @support-rkalla wrote:

    Best of all would be of course if it would be in 5.0GA. Any chances for that?

    Not likely. Milestone 2 will be almost feature complete as I understand it. Designer will still have work to be done and some other enhancements, but I don’t think we would be looking at adding last-minute things to the TODO list before GA.

    Adding last-minute things is almost never a good idea, so I’ll take it your developpers are profesional enough to not even try this 😉

    Nevertheless, has there been a plan made for when JSP EL will be added to MyEclipse? E.g. before the end of this year, or ‘somewhere next year’ ?

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    @support-scott wrote:

    …..Web Services support based on XFire

    Im just curious; Why XFire instead of Axis?

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    Riyad Kalla

    There hasn’t been anything set in stone yet mostly because we want to see what the WTP team does. Since we build ontop of WTP there is a certain amount of effort we need to make not to duplicate features between us and them, it’s a completely waste of money and time on our part to invest 10k to develop and support a feature just to find out it’s being pushed down into WTP in the next release a few months later then we take time again pulling out our feature and rolling in theirs.

    I’, not positive what management has in mind but so many new things are going into 5.0 that more than anything new, we want to see how this launch goes off. If all this new stuff comes out and works without a hitch for most of our users then we should be set to do a whole round of new features for 5.1. If it’s a bumpy release then we need to focus the next month or so on maintenence cycles and bug fixes.

    Out internal testing has become BRUTAL though and we are doing 10-14 internal builds on a single *milestone* before releasing it, so my hope is that the GA release is a smooth release and we can just fix up a few small reports and start working on major new features right away. I know the team is eager to get crackin on new features.

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    Thanks for your quick reply 🙂

    I think that your aproach is a wise one.

    I’m loking forward the next release!!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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