Eclipse does not load toolbars and menus after installing devstyle

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    I installed the devstyle from the eclipse marketplace. After the installation completed and eclipse restarted. i can no longer do anywork. All toolbars and menus are gone.
    I am getting a lot of errors in the errog log.

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    Hello, I’m sorry you are having issues with DevStyle. Can you please export your error log and share it here? I would like to look into it. If the export button is not present you can just send me the .log file located at your workspace/.metadata directory.

    Also, can you give me more details about your installation?
    – Eclipse version
    – OS
    – Other third party software installed? (STS, etc)

    Aaron Lara

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    Im running IBM Rational Developer for I version 20200403_1723 on Windows 10 enterprise version 1909 os build 18363.900.

    I was running the previous version of the darkest dark devstyle with no issue.

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    Thanks for the details! We are inspecting the log and it seems to be something specific to IBM Rational Developer. So we are going to try to reproduce locally. Please stay tuned.

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    Interestingly I was not able to install DevStyle in IBM Rational Developer for I 9.6.8 out of the box, some dependencies are not satisfied. I have created a bug fix request for a deeper investigation.

    It may take time for us to find a proper solution, so I would suggest trying to uninstall DevStyle so you can continue using your IDE. You can try uninstalling from Help > About > Installation Details and then Selecting DevStyle and click Uninstall.

    If you cannot access this window you can try manually removing all plugins starting with com.genuitec from your plugins directory.

    Hopefully, this gets you up and going for now.

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    We could not install DevStyle to a fresh installation of due to missing dependencies.

    Can you please give us some more details to help us investigate further?

    1. Can you please clarify if you have upgraded your existing to or is it a fresh installation of If it is a fresh install, then please let us know how exactly did you install it.
    2. If you haven’t already uninstalled DevStyle, then please try starting the IDE with -clean command args. You can add -clean as the first line to the eclipse.ini file located in the RDi installation folder. Once started successfully, you can remove the -clean as it is a one time flag. Please select a fresh new workspace when starting with -clean so that we can get a fresh log file.
    3. If you see the problem in the new workspace as well with -clean, then please share the .log file with us.
    4. Also share with us the list of software installed from here : Help > About IBM Rational Developer for i > Installation Details > Installed Software tab. You can expand the IBM Software Delivery Platform entry, select Ctrl+A to select all the entries, copy them to a text file and attach it here.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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