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    I installed devstype for the inline search. But when I restarted eclipse after installing, it fails to start. I cannot even get to the point where I can uninstall devstyle. When eclipse is starting I get the following:
    First Error dialog
    The standard workspace selection dialog shows up next. I select my wksp-clean workspace, as usual.
    Followed by:
    Second Error dialog
    And then it fails to start.

    The log seems to be complaining about the java AWT library.

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    Very odd! Not being able to load the AWT library from the Java runtime itself is quite peculiar. My first thought would be to install or reinstall a new version of Java or use the -vm argument in the eclipse.ini file to point to an alternate version of Java.

    If you are unable to make this work changing Java, in the configuration/config.ini folder, you can turn off the startup experience using genuitec.disable.devstyle.startup=false — of course if you just want to remove DevStyle again, you can “brick it” by deleting a couple plugins from disk and then you can proceed to use p2 to uninstall it. Simply delete com.genuitec.eclipse.webicons & com.genuitec.eclipse.patches from your plugins area to disable our software from running.

    Cheers and hope that helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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