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    Eclipse3.3M4 is out ,When MyEclipse can support it ?

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    Scott Anderson

    We begin supporting new Eclipse releases when they reach the release candidate stage. Since Eclipse 3.3 won’t ship until the end of June, 2007 this will likely be in the April timeframe if it follows the same progress stages as prior years.

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    That’s great news, since its now April :-). I have recently downloaded 5.5M2, and was wondering if 5.5 (or a milestone) was going to be released for 3.3 soon.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Riyad Kalla

    Not yet, our 6.0 release that we are starting work on *immediately* after 5.5 goes GA in May will be based on 3.3. We should have a Milestone 1 release out soon enough that you could start playing with it either before 3.3 goes final or right after 3.3 goes final, but either way shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

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    You have to think about this, Geoff: An individual (maybe hobby) programmer can use the latest milestone of Eclipse with all the new features. And I would say, that the Eclipse MSs are a kind of stable. But a company which sells a distribution, collect external plugins and writes other plugins has to _garantee_ that all works, otherwise they have lots of maintanance calls. So Genuitec has to wait for a public released Eclipse 3.3. On the other hand they don’t want to wait a long time for publishing a new version and they will do tests on 3.3Milestones …

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    jhm: I definitely understand this. That’s why I was wondering if a Milestone release would be available, the other option is of course that the 5.5 may run on 3.3 milestones (although unsupported). I was actually asking in order to do the planning for which releases I can recommend to businesses. I appreciate your candor, I think this most be one of the most over asked questions on the forums (when will you have a release for the yet unreleased version of Eclipse)?

    One of the things I was trying to figure out is if 5.5 would be released for 3.3 or if it was going to be 6.

    rkalla: thank you very much for answering this.

    I was unable to find any information regarding your release schedules and which versions of Eclipse they go with. If you have such information on the web site, could you point me to it? And if not, I think that would be a very worthy addition to the web site. You could even point out very clearly that you will not release a version for Eclipse versionXXX until MilestoneYYYY, and that versionZZZ of MyEclipse will be released for versionXXX of Eclipse.

    I find this type of information very helpful when working on migration planning.

    As always,
    Thank you.


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    Riyad Kalla

    I agree we need a matrix like that on the site. I’ll see if I can put something together. Right now it is:

    E 3.1.2 == MyE 4.1.1
    E 3.2.2 == MyE 5.1.1
    E 3.2.2 == MyE 5.5
    E 3.3 == MyE 6.0

    We are also try to combat the need to know this with the “all in one” installers we have been providing so users don’t need to worry about this stuff.

    Also jhm, thanks for the interlude. You are exactly right, porting 200+ plugins to a new Eclipse platform, depending on what broke in the APIs between releases is a *beast*. We also sometimes hit snags in maintenence releases with API breaks, which is why 5.5 requires Eclipse 3.2.2, and not just “Eclipse 3.2.x”.

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    Just an idea: could you publish a roadmap with the reference to Eclipse roadmap?

    ??/2006 E 3.2.2
    ??/2006 MyE 5.1.1: E 3.2.2 WTP?…
    05/2007 MyE 5.5 : E 3.2.2 WTP?…
    ??/2007 E 3.3
    ??/2007 MyE 6: E 3.3 …

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    Riyad Kalla

    Management hates roadmaps so they aren’t great about updating it, and part of the problem is we can never plan that far in advance with half the things we do. We keep the team so agile depending on demand that when we commit to something, some huge uproar could occur that derails that line-item and something else gets done instead.

    so it’s a blessing and a curse.

    We used to try and keep roadmaps up to date the first few years and the problem is that at the last minute things would get switched up, so it proved to be more confusing than helpful.

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    I think you will soon encounter big problems due to the massive extent of MyEclipse IDE…

    In fact you should make separate products out of MyEclipse: J2EE dev, Web dev, UML support… etc…

    This would decrease the maintenance costs and lessen the dependencies of each features 😉



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