How long does your workspace stay usable?

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    Scott Dunbar

    I’m really hating almost everything about 9.1 – mostly the lack of Javascript syntax support. But another giant frustration is the “lifetime” of my workspace. I need to recreate my workspace about 2-3 times per month as MyEclipse will hang on startup. This usually occurs if I try to type something or do anything with the UI within a few seconds of starting up. I’m using a 64bit Linux environment.

    Now don’t get me started about MyEclipse constantly forgetting to not validate my giant third party library…

    So is this a common problem?

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    I’m sorry you are having issues with MyEclipse.

    You seem to have two problems, apart from the Javascript syntax support issue: occasional hang-ups at startup requiring a recreate of your workspace and a validation disablement occasionally not being honored. Is that right?

    I would say that neither of these is a common problem that users have reported.

    On the first problem, sometimes if you start trying to use the UI before all the plug-ins have initialised, then a hang occurs, necessitating a workspace recreation. Do you have other plug-ins installed, in addition to the MyEclipse features? If so, could you list them, please?

    Something you might try is turning off certain features of MyEclipse, if you don’t use them. For example, you can turn off the maven index update at startup in the MyEclipse Maven preferences. You can also remove features you’re not using, from the MyEclipse Configuration Center. This should speed up initialisation and reduce the memory footprint. Note that removed features can be re-added without downloading anything.

    If there are relevant errors logged in the .metadata/.log file, in your workspace, please attach the file here, with an indication of the date and time the problem occurred.

    On the second problem, could you elaborate, please?

    Please also mention which version of Linux you have, and the release number.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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