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    Tony Herstell

    For a few years now we have not been able to install Jboss Tools
    (jBPM Modeller etc.)

    I have Version: 2017 CI 7

    Are we able to install the tools or part of the tools yet).

    Not keen to break my installs to find out..



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    Brian Fernandes


    Unfortunately this is still not possible, for the same reasons I explained the last time we discussed this 🙁

    We have had it on our cards to make the installation you need possible, but making our code compatible with the recent version of JBT has been a pre-requisite of this, which has proven to be more involved than initially anticipated.

    To be honest, this is unlikely to get addressed in the 2017 stream of MyEclipse; I’ll try to get it prioritized for MyEclipse 2018, our Oxygen based release – the changes involved are better made at the start of the stream as opposed to the middle or the end.

    Again, apologies for the long delay in making the tools compatible.

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    Tony Herstell

    > I’ll try to get it prioritized for MyEclipse 2018
    Please try.. and put it up there as a headline item.
    It is pretty frustrating tbh… its been a long time coming.

    BPM2 type tools are very important as is drools.


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