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    We currently have the Standard edition, so we cannot use maven4myeclipse, and are unable to run m2eclipse after it is installed.

    This is very disappointing and doesn’t seem to be in line with the pluggable / open architecture of eclipse.

    Please consider this a feature request that we be able to disable maven4myeclipse in favour of m2eclipse vanilla.

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    Loyal Water

    Maven support in MyEclipse has been one of the most popular and longest-standing requested feature from the MyEclipse user-base. We have been evaluating Maven and how to integrated it into MyEclipse in a cohesive, extensible and powerful fashion for quite a while now. We spoke with many individual developers as well as our enterprise customers to see how they were using Maven specifically in their environments, to get a better idea of exactly what our users wanted.

    MyEclipse 6.5 introduces Maven4MyEclipse, a Professional Edition feature. The Maven4MyEclipse feature set includes a custom implementation of the m2eclipse plugin enhanced for the MyEclipse Java EE project structures and application technology stack. Additionally Maven4MyEclipse provides a number of conveniences that remove the common complexity new developers experience when first working with Maven.

    A side effect of the custom implementation of the m2eclipse plugin integration in Maven4MyEclipse is that users may not install their own version of the m2eclipse plugin into any of the MyEclipse 6.5 editions without introducing a plugin conflict.

    Because of this conflict, we have the following recommendations for MyEclipse users that wish to use the m2eclipse plugin:

    Users that wish to install their own version of the m2eclipse plugin can install and continue to use MyEclipse 6.0.1 (http://www.myeclipseide.com/module-htmlpages-display-pid-4.html) or MyEclipse 6.1 Blue Edition.
    MyEclipse 6.5 Standard users that wish to utilize Maven in an integrated fashion with MyEclipse (i.e., Maven4MyEclipse) are encouraged to upgrade to a Professional subscription. (Please see NOTE below)

    Genuitec has created a Maven4MyEclipse user program that includes a free upgrade for users interested in working directly with MyEclipse team to provide feedback and help improve the Maven tooling going forward. To determine if you are eligible for this program please send a subscription upgrade request to subscriptions@genuitec.com including your full name, subscription id, and brief description of how your organization currently uses Maven.

    The MyEclipse Team

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    I’d like to second bvickery’s request.

    Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate all the hard work which has been put into the myeclipse maven integration but It is not yet a complete maven solution and has several features which are missing (many of which are already implemented in the m2eclipse plugin). As a paying customer I’d like to get the some of the new features of 6.5 but i cannot because I am forced to stay at 6.0.1 until the myeclipse maven integration catches up to m2eclipse. This doesn’t seem like a viable solution.

    Also how does one download 6.0.1? (All I could find with the url posted ‘http://www.myeclipseide.com/module-htmlpages-display-pid-4.html’ was 6.5 and 5.5 releases).


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    Loyal Water

    You are looking for the 6.0.1 installer for which OS? Are you looking for the All in One installer?

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    we are looking for the all in one for windows. Thanks!


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    Loyal Water

    Let me know if you didn’t get the link.

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    We are also using the Standard Edition of MyEclipse with many Maven projects.

    It sounds like a very strange decision to me to make it impossible for people to use Maven with MyEclipse Standard Edition. Why isn’t the Maven features only included in the professional edition?

    I have now downgraded to 6.01 awaiting an updated 6.5 release. Please tell me that I will be able to continue to use the MyEclipse Standard Edition for my Maven projects.

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    Leo Blume

    I’ve got to chime in too. I’ve just had to downgrade to 6.0.1 (thankfully saved off) because I couldn’t get the Maven stuff to work at all. While the menu item was there when I right clicked the pom.xml, it was empty so I couldn’t do anything at all.

    I’m no great fan of Maven after it biting me severely along the way but it would at least vaguely work with the M2Eclipse plugin. Rolling back from 6.5.1, a fantastic release otherwise where a lot of bugs I was running into were fixed, and having no option to run the freely available working Maven plugin and pay for it just hurtful.

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    We’ve bought six Standard edition licenses, but we can’t use them while MyEclipse won’t work with our existing Maven projects.

    Is there a download of version 6.01 for OSX available until you have removed Maven4MyEclipse from the Standard edition?

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    @jcristini wrote:

    we are looking for the all in one for windows. Thanks!


    I am in the same situation, and need the all-in-one version for Windows as well.

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    Loyal Water

    aftonbladet / matthew.j
    I have mailed you the installers.

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    I need the 6.0.1 installer, too! We will certainly not upgrade our license just because Genuitec chose to disable a perfectly working 3rd party plugin. 🙁

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    I’ve was using maven4myeclipse because I was following a book on maven. Until I reached a chapter on multi-module maven projects, after countless hours and then days trying to get the example chapter to work in maven4myeclipse I went online seeing if anyone else encountered similar problems. Well I’ve saw on google that someone in the myeclipse forums actually “removed maven4myeclipse” (http://www.myeclipseide.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-21172-highlight-m2eclipse.html) and instead installed m2eclipse. Curious I followed those same steps and managed to install m2eclipse without any obvious problems.

    I was surprised to see that not only did m2eclipse have everything that maven4eclipse had but it seemed much, much, much more capable of doing big multi-module enterprise applications minus the frustration that maven4eclipse gave. Also m2eclipse truly followed the “convention over configuration” philosophy as I could literally drag and drop ANY pom files from any location into a m2eclipse project and have it working immediately. As opposed to maven4myeclipses non-standard propietary project meta information which is very myeclipse centric and non-portable for maven projects.

    I’m very disappointed in the maven4myeclipse plugin and I’ll recommend to anyone reading this post that if they want a excellent maven plugin for their projects, I would strongly recommend that they uninstall maven4myeclipse and instead install m2eclipse, I’m sure that it’ll be compatible with your existing maven projects with a minimum amount of disruption.

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    Riyad Kalla

    nmatrix9 and others, I replied to Maven concerns here: https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/i-don-t-understand-why-maven4myeclipse-why-not-m2ecliipse/

    The bottom line is that we didn’t plan our initial Maven plan very well and hope to rectify all of this in 7.0 GA.

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