Missing CheckboxTableViewer on Windows

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    When the darkest-dark theme is installed to Eclipse, CheckboxTableViewer JFace widget is not displayed, if the parent widget has no layout set.
    – This issue is only present on Windows environment.
    – This issue is not present if the dialog, where the CheckboxTableViewer displayed has a layout attached, and the layout data is set for the table, only if absolute position is set via setBounds

    I have made a simple dialog that shows the problem:

    Opening this dialog (new TestDialog().open()) will show the issue.
    If the darkest-dark theme is not present, the table shows, but if it is installed it’s completely missing.
    I have attached a picture showing the actual behavior in built-in dark theme and darkest dark theme.

    The table should be visible under the text even with the theme installed.

    – It’s related to this GitHub issue: https://github.com/helospark/SparkBuilderGenerator/issues/41
    – This issue is not major, because workaround exists by setting the layout of the dialog. However I’m not sure, if other plugins are also affected with this issue, hence I’m raising this.
    – Missing on any DevStyle theme, not only the dark one
    – I have not seen any error logs related to this
    – Using layout is generally recommended, but simple positioning with setBounds should work (with null layout the widget should have absolute position set by setBounds method). Also that’s how WindowBuilder plugin generates dialogs by default.
    – Maybe other widgets are missing as well, label widget is correctly displayed without a layout

    Eclipse: Photon 20180619-1200
    Plugin: Latest (as of 2018.08.06)
    Windows 10


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    I’ve replicated the problem and have raised a bug report for development to investigate. I’m afraid there is no workaround other than using a standard eclipse theme. In the meantime, you can track the issue with the link shown under the opening post.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for raising the issue.

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